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Haichel Hatorah is behind many college learning initiatives and shiurim

The Rabbi Friedman Challenge

The “Rabbi Friedman Challenge” was presented to college students before the close of the Fall 2013 Semester.
Thanks to Cooper Union students; Eli Friedman and          we now have a website!

We’re looking forward many more students stepping up to the “Rabbi Friedman Challenge”!


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Torah Classes on College Campuses


Find out what classes we offer on a campus near you!



Cooper Union 

Queens College

Long Island University

Binghamton University



Spotlight on: 

Haichel Hatorah @ Binghamton


Spotlight on: 

Haichel Hatorah @ NYU 


The Haichel Hatorah Kollel @ NYU is a vibrant force of Torah learning and growth on campus. 

Weekly Parsha Email

Rabbi Friedman’s Parsha Shiurim have have been attended and enjoyed by hundreds of college students over the years.

By popular demand Michael Gutmann, (Baruch, 2009) writes up the weekly Parsha Shiur to enable alumni and friends to enrich their Shabbos with short, meaningful Divrei Torah on the weekly Parsha.


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